(One Reason) Why I’m Voting for Hillary Clinton

Headed to Nevada later today to Get Out the Vote for Hillary Clinton (obligatory #imwithher).

Someone pointed out that I’d yet to make a strong affirmative case for her candidacy. Giving you all the reasons I’m voting for Hillary (and against Trump) would be long and likely unreadable in a blog format, so instead I want to focus on one reason that very important to me as a Christian and attorney for the public interest.

One of the most important qualities of leadership is to have a servant’s heart: to be oriented in a fundamental, selfless way around the needs of the people you represent. When it comes to politicians, this is, sadly, a rare thing – and even if a candidate has one, it is often obscured by petty partisanship, political cronyism, and the ruthlessness of their own ambition.

While it has been often so obscured, I believe at her core that Secretary Clinton has the heart of a truly dedicated public servant. Not because of her rhetoric, which has been pockmarked by the hypocrisies of political expediency, but by her long record of service.There are a lot of lawyers in politics, but few have the track record of legal service to the poor that Hillary does, including but not limited to:

1. Her commitment to public interest advocacy in law school, and later work at the Children’s Defense Fund
2. Her pro bono work and scholarly research in private practice
3. Her co-founding of Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families and policy advocacy as Arkansas’ First Lady
4. Her expertise and influence in the White House as our nation’s First Lady pushing for (ill-fated) health reform and (successfully and with bipartisan support) the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

This is obviously an area close to my heart, but I believe firmly that people just don’t get into that kind of work unless they have a deep-seated belief in the value of service to the poor. There is no incentive or niche for the purely self-interested. The work can be heartbreaking, it doesn’t pay very well, and oftentimes the lawyer and their client is at the mercy of forces outside their control. The lawyer is sometimes simply doing everything in their power to make the best of a situation with no good outcomes.

To do this work, and to do it with zeal and success, requires grit and passion. It requires you to care deeply about achieving justice on behalf of society’s least. Hillary Clinton has shown me that she does care about these things.

I wish I’d gotten involved with the campaign earlier, but I’m going to do my tiny part this weekend, and I hope that some of you who may be on the fence or leaning toward the other candidate will consider what I’ve said. In the end, after drilling past conflicts on policy and scandals, looking for glimpses of a servant’s heart is critically important to me. And in this election, there is only one candidate who has committed to public service and laboring toward justice and the greater good: Hillary Clinton.


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