Like a boomerang, but fuzzy and vegetarian.

“Pandarang” is a nonsense word.  It was birthed in the middle of an all-night Diablo II binge two years ago, as my friends and I named our characters ridiculously, with the particular zeal that emerges from the bottom of a soda can and the company of kindred spirits.  “And I shall be RawrBerries, the Barbarian!” I expect there will be additional nonsense in this blog – nonsense about politics, religion, literature, video games – the important things and the not-so-much.  It may seem strange to see a post about the Pelagian heresy adjacent to one about World of Warcraft (for the Horde), but there you go. Insofar as a public web-log of my thought will extend, naturally, from a personality, you (and I, I suppose) may sometimes feel like Jai Alai players on a circular court.  Despite the random assortment of stuffs this space will inevitably contain, I hope you find my writings here thoughtful but not pedantic, whimsical, but not irreverent.  After four years of avoiding first-person insertion like the plague, I’m just beginning to bask in the afterglow of starting a sentence with “I.”




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